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Rent rooms, buy property, play games, meet people - Society!
Hop into the utopian city of Society. In the far off future of year 3650, the "Drone War" or world war 9 has just ended and the corrupted State has fallen. Fast track to the future, 1182 years to be exact. The year is 3650, Mars has been colonized, we have a space station that holds thousands of colony members, Earth is back to it's pristine beauty and the State as we know it is gone - we now live in an almost perfect Society.
Society is managed and maintained by super Artificial Intelligence, the D.O.V.E. which was launched in 2568 on the one hundredth celebration of the Founding Fathers and the Fall of the State.
1182 years later, where will the future take us?
Where will Society take you?
Play now!

"An Up and Coming Giant???" -SilentSam5 Reviewer
"I have had an amazing experience with this server"
"I plan on staying on this server for a long time." -PolterCreeper

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