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KaiseCraft Version 2 is a community of Minecrafters from across the globe who come together to enjoy their time on Minecraft. KaiseCraft has a variety of things to do, some being:

Main World (Creative) - Don't want to fight? Just want to relax and build, maybe with friends? Well, in the Main world that's what you can do. You'll never be raided or griefed provided your builds have been protected, or randomly attack by players. If you don't want to PvP, all you need to do is type /pvp and it'll turn off PvP so no-one can attack you. Need help? Well, KaiseCraft has an extensive staff of friendly moderators and admins who would be willing and glad to help you if you're stuck, need to know something, or even help with commands or protections.

Faction World (Survival) - Want to fight? Want to build a base in secret with trusted friends? Well, the Survival world offers all of this, with no access to commands such as /home, /back, /pvp or item spawning. It's vanilla survival, where only the fittest survive. In this world you better watch out because if an enemy faction comes along and finds your base, then they're allowed to raid it, or blow it up as well. But don't you worry, because it's a faction world. You can create a faction--yes, that's right, a faction--and protect yours and your friends land from those other evil factions. This is done all with a few simple commands. But, watch out, because if that power goes below the amount of land you have (you lose power by dieing) then your base can be claimed! So, do all you can to keep yourself protected in this world, and remember to only trust those that you can. People from enemy factions can ask you if they can join your faction, mark the co-ordinates, and then leave and go back to their base, only to then find your base again and raid it. Factions also have their own little ranking system, so promote those worthy of being in command of your members. If you've ever lost your way, you can set a home to teleport back to your faction base.

Our ranks include:




Ranks achievable by donation to the server:

VIP (Basic Paid Rank)

Elite (Highest Donate Rank)

Rank that can only be achieved by application (Lvl 1 mod) and the rest are when you are thought that you have done well enough as the previous staff rank to be promoted.

Staff ranks:
Level 1 Moderator

Level 2 Moderator

Level 3 Senior Moderator

Level 4 Senior Moderator

Level 5 Administrator

Level 6 Head Administrator

Level 7 Owner/Co-Owner

Our plugins are:


  • World Guard - World Edit - Factions - Residence - BetterAlias - VEnchant - Buycraft - mcore - Vault - PermissionsEX - Multiverse-Core - MobBountyReloaded - TerrainControl - RemoteToolkitPlugin - Dynmap - DynamicBan - AutoMessage - MChat - CoreProtect - VoteforDiamonds - Sign Casino Slots - Sign Casino Blackjack - Lockette - ProtocolLib - Votifier - IcePvPControl - ServerMotdManager - McMMO - MChannels - Essentials - WorldBorder - ShowCaseStandalone - EssentialsSpawn - BattleTracker - Multiverse-Portals - Multiverse-Inventories - EssentialsGeoIP - Multverse-NetherPortals - AuthMe - CompatNoCheatPlus - NoCheatPlus

So you want to come to a community that has nice players? Want to join a server where all the staff will help you the second you ask? Well this is the server!!!!

Our forums are:

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