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BetterInGame 18+ Minecraft Community


BetterInGame is an adult 18+ Minecraft Community focusing on providing a diverse and mature environment. Our network has a series of connected servers fitting most major Minecraft market segments. The servers are as follows:

Pure - Think Vanilla, but add in grief protection, a basic economy, and transportation (tpa/tpahere). There is No Block Generation on this server. Everything, including spawn and shared community areas, are build by blocks mined in game. There are no exceptions to this rule, including for admins or moderators.

Monarch - Roleplaying. Nice and simple. The server uses McMMO and Towny to create a living roleplaying experience. Staff has created custom missions hidden around the server that players can encounter while exploring the map. Make sure to look around for hidden Easter Eggs (there are several small ones at spawn). There is no tpa/tpahere on this server or homes. Teleporting is limited to towns and spawn. You can start any adventure at an allied or neutral town.

Splinter - Our Factions PVP server. You can join a faction or start your own. This is the only server on our network that allows griefing, raiding, and stealing. Be careful who you trust on this server. It may be your downfall.

Creative - This is a build testing server allowing users to demo a build before spending the time to build it in survival.

Lobby - This is our lobby server where a player can read about the rules of the server, features of each server, and enter into a portal to for each of the above servers.

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