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Rubicon Towny Server


Today Minecraft is full of servers offering a wide variety of games. It's way to easy just to float around in the vast sea of servers, never to settle down.
We do not offer 30 different ways to play Minecraft. We offer ONE. You will not meet a wall of signs and information when you join and you will not be asked to choose a Minecraft game to play.

"Build, create, wage war and conquer"
When you enter Rubicon you will immediately be thrown into the world of towns and citizens. Here you will be able to create a town of your own or join an existing one. Shape the gameplay of the server - will you be peaceful or enforce your own version of peace upon others?

Lastly, we are new server but the team behind is not new. We have long experience of both MC and running servers. If you have thoughts or want to contribute to our community don't hesitate to ask.

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