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This is City Drugs, a drug themed server where you can sell "drugs" or crops. We have many different types of "drugs" such as Wheat -> Weed or Sugar -> Cocaine. We have a plugin that grows crops while you are off or away from your farm for maximizing your money making. You can move up through the drug ranks or become a COP and stop Druggies and
Growers! We have factions (no claiming land), floAuction, DrugMeUP and other great plugins to help us out. Another great thing about CityDrugs is that we have no form of protecting bases what so ever, so that means you can steal, grief or use farms as you please. Apply for cop and use custom plugins to get people with drugs. We have a unique spawn that
helps out perfectly with a Drug server theme. This server is heavily based around economy and PVP. Many cool donating and voting benefits along the way. Do /vote to bote and We hope to see you soon!

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