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Welcome to Stickcrack! Such an uncreative and boring name, yes I’m aware. What is Stickcrack you might ask? It’s a minecraft server, silly!
Stickcrack is a vanilla minecraft server filled with many opportunities.
Hey, im stick. No, that’s not my real name. My real name is Aron, my ign is stickfever45, people call me stick. This is now my 4th server I have ever owned and I have high hopes for this one since my first server was also a vanilla server and it was such a success, it lasted about a year and a half! So, basically.. Stickcrack started off about 3 years ago, It was just me and about 10 other people playing.. well minecraft! Later on it died so I decided to cancel paying for the server, now im bringing it back. I bought a new server, started a fresh new map and now here we are, ive been playing by myself on it for about a week or two now, I set up a small little spawn area, nothing too fancy. I set up a house for myself, went mining, all that good stuff, and now here I am on looking for others who want to play! The server currently has 20 slots. Now I know it’s a vanilla server and we’re all going to be playing with new people that we may not just trust quite yet, so I have LWC installed. LWC is a plugin which allows players to lock their chests, yes I know this is a vanilla server but one simple plugin which locks chest can’t hurt anyone, I also have a rollback plugin just in case someone decides to grief, you always gotta stay safe! No, I wont be making anyone mod/admin, no I will not add a /spawn or /home command. No, I will not go into creative and spawn all your stuff back in if you die, it’s a vanilla server with an exception of a chest locking plugin, that’s it. Now, this is a whitelist server so you can only get on if I whitelist you, and im not just going to whitelist anyone! Yes, you will have to answer a few simple questions, how annoying! I know! But it just lets me (the owner) get to know new players beforehand, we will all be playing together for who knows how long, we all gotta be friends! PVP is enabled, but that does not mean you can go around killing people, this isn’t a hardcore pvp faction server, pvp is enabled for fun battles, lets just say you and your friend want to have a fun pvp battle, sure, go for it! I just don’t want people going around thinking its okay to kill people, we all help eachother out on the server! It’s a very new server so there are no buildings yet, besides spawn and my house which is 1000 or so blocks away from spawn. When you join the server feel free to go venture off and start building! I’d recommend going at least.. 150 blocks or so away from spawn, I just want to avoid having lots of buildings near spawn, later on we can build shops near spawn or whatever.
Anywho, these are the questions I’d like for you to answer:
(send me your answers on skype, my skype is listed below)

  1. Whats your ign name? (please spell it exactly as its spelt in minecraft)
  2. How old are you? (no need to lie, I’m just curious! I’m 17 in case youre also curious)
  3. How long have you been playing minecraft? (I’d just like to know how familiar you are with the game!)
  4. Why would you like to join? (I don’t need a paragraph, just a sentence or two is fine!)
  5. What is your specialty? (Ex. Building, PVP, Farms, Nothing, etc.)

That’s all you have to answer! I'd like for you to send me your answers on skype! My skype is "stickfever45"

Reminder: my ign name is “stickfever45” and my skype is also "stickfever45"

I’m looking forward to seeing new people want to join and im looking forward to making new friends! I’ll let you know if you’ve been whitelisted within 1-48 hours!

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