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Welcome to BlueOgreMC!
Server Features

--->> Pets are here! You can now train and level pet companions with unique abilities and skills! Visit our website for a detailed guide.

--> Infinite World Border!

---> Custom Items! There are more than 15 Unique Legendary Weapons with their own special abilities to be obtained from the bosses, as well as craftable and buyable magic user armor such as Wizard Robes and Magic Hats to increase Mana and Mana Regen!

-- > Magic Spell and Wand System with over 70+ unlockable spells and more than 11 wands to buy and upgrade!

--> Levelled Mobs! Beware! The Further you venture from spawn, the more difficult the mobs become! As You level your skills with McMMO, the mobs themselves level with you, always posing a threat!

-- > Tiered Japanese Hierarchy System With More Than 20 ranks to unlock and name titles including The Samurai

-- > BOSS MOBS! Boss mobs spawn randomly and are found within certain dungeons. They are very diffiult to kill but they drop exuberant loot and custom items!

-- > Custom Built Dungeons! Currently there are over 30 dungeons found throughout the land each with more than 100 rooms! Loot iss found all through the dungeons but the final room contains the best reward of all!

-- > Factions, PvP, Griefing, Raiding! Team up with your friends, claim land, and build your kingdom and rule the land!

-- > Player Run Economy and Auction System! Buy and Sell items anywhere through the unique auction system. You can also safely trade with players as well as sell to certain shops located at spawn!

--->> Top Grade VPS System 24/7 Uptime

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