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Vector Realms


Join Vector Realms, a 200 slot server with PLENTY of extra space for everyone that wants to join! (Not whitelisted) The server is currently 1.6.2, but we hope to update soon
We have very friendly staff that earned their place by being helpful, nice, and by advertising for the server. (Most of the active staff are Moderators and Head Moderators, though we have a few Admins that are more active than others)
We do not promote those young players that have done nothing good for the server. All of the staff are old enough to make logical decisions, and do everything they can to help the server survive, and the players have fun. Our staff have earned their places, and other staff members recommend them to be promoted.
Server name: Vector Realms
Server Ip:
Vector Realms has been slowing down a lot ever since the new update has come out, but we will update soon. We need new players to help the server thrive.
The donation system is great. We have had a lot of donators in the past, because of the great perks. Some of them include:
-Your very own multi-verse world
-Access to /fly and /nick
-200k in game money
-A double chest full of goodies
-Plugin Perks
-And of course, more trust from everyone on the server.
For $10, this could be yours
The server features many smaller plugins to improve player's experience on the server.
We have recently added the SurvivalGames plugin, and arenas are soon to be built. We also have HorseKeep- a plugin to protect horses, MagicSpells, GlobalMarket, and HeroBounty (among others)
We are always open to hearing new plugin suggestions from players, and have added suggestions in the past
Rules: -Be Respectful to staff
-Although PVP is not frowned upon, do not kill another person over and over (unless in a PVP match)
-No using hacked clients or X-ray mods/packs
-You will be banned
-No abusing anything we give you. It can be taken
-No asking for staff positions. You earn it on Vector Realms.
-No hate speech against anyone at all
-No /tpa killing
-Trolling can result in a ban
-No advertising other servers
-No griefing
-Feel free to suggest things, we love feedback
-Feel free to ask about plugin help, but don't get angry when we try to explain
We stand by this and will not change our rules.
Other Info:
Owner: Raistlinhunted
Admins: Brockz, spoogan, DarkPhoenyxSYG,
Head Admins: GageHuston, kikimushi, CallsignWulf, Gigatomboy
Moderators: Zaraell, Spinnerlink, Dpachuilo, Josienomscookies, GoRWolf
Head Moderators: nbeecher, redbaron1227
(Although there are a lot of staff members here, that does not mean that they rule the server, and doesn't even mean you will always see one on.)

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