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AstriaCraft is a survival server with a selection of plugins designed to enhance player experience and create balanced gameplay.

The server is survival, with plugins such as Towny and BetonQuest used to create a roleplay-friendly and diverse server. Astria also boasts a huge variety of build styles befitting the eclectic lore. A player regulated economy also helps keep things lively and active.

The gods system mimics the arrangement of the Greek and Roman gods, and each god gives a proficiency in an MCMMO area. Shrines exist around the map similar to those of the well known RPG Skyrim.

The lore is designed to be easy to write characters into, no matter what day and age they came from. The existence of Astria is a fluke in the fabric of the space and time, and as a result, humans and other creatures from all ages have made their way to this small piece of earth.

The server map was 1600 by 1600 blocks, but an expansion released on June 5th doubled the size of the map to 1600 by 3000 blocks. The map includes every vanilla biome, as well as some custom ones, and has a myriad of islands, both floating and grounded.

The server has friendly, knowledgable, and active staff members online daily, who are there to assist with any server related queries, in addition to hosting events monthly.

Astria has a friendly, open community who loves absorbing new players. The playerbase has stuck together through three different servers thus far, and is very welcoming to any who are looking for a fun, interactive community.

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