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Welcome to GameBlade. Our main focus is to build a community of players who are competitive and like knives, guns, bombs ect.Please note this server is 1.7.9 so be sure to turn your render distance down to 12 or a game crash may occur during joining. Gameblade is finally finished, its a good size city for pvp and pve. We are a unique mine theft auto style server, as we have Mobs(citizens) who can be killed for cash and the city is crawling with Mobs. Also you kill another player you get 10% of their cash, but dont worry some guns are cheap and there is always free food and golf clubs at spawn. Well if you download theMTA RP 1.2.1 Resource pack you will have cool gun skins, grenades, items, and other melee weapons. If not well thats cool too. It's your choice. Killing other players is encouraged, however Cops (pigmen) will come at you if you kill a player (mobs don't matter). GameBlades spawn is totally safe from other players and cops :D We have a cool shop to buy Weapons, armor, and healing potions. There is a few warp signs at spawn just in case there is a spawn camper. Can't find ppl? buy a compass at spawn! Sometimes when you buy a gun you have to open the free bread sign for it to appear. Annoying but works. GameBlade is designed for more advanced players who are sick of mining and crafting, and just wanna pvp and pve while competeing for who has the most money :D GameBlades Admin Equal strive to be fair and honest, does not pvp or pve and focuses on keeping the server up lagg free as possible, and keep the game fun with plugins. Play

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