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Radiant Craft is a Server where we care about the players.
We are constantly working to make the survival experience as fun as possible, and we have minigames, like hunger games, paintball and splurge (splegg), for when you don’t feel like playing survival.

We have economy and chestshop, so you can buy items from the admins and players can make their own chestshops.

Pvp is allowed (but not widespread), but griefing isn't, so you can have fun, but your base won't be in ruins.
We have Antihack, making it harder for hackers to cheat.

Lastly, one thing that seperates us from the many other survival servers, is that we have admin rules. Admins cannot do whatever they want, like on a lot of servers, and they know that. The Owner (205j) and I strongly emphasize the fact that admins are "Public Servants"

If you have any problems with the admins, server, griefers, or anything else post a forum thread on our website-

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