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ParadoxNetwork | Survival | McMMO


About Us.
ParadoxNetwork is a small but slowly growing community of players staff. We have vary nice staff. Come on join our community and help us get popular :D
Our Premium Shop (Reasonable Prices)
ParadoxNetwork has a premium shop with ONLY 3 ranks (VIP $5, Titan $15, CEO, $30). Why donate more then the game is worth. Just think, Donating to a server with prices higher then a game only worth $30.
Our Rules (Please Follow With Care)

Yes we have rules. So as every other server. Rules on a server is what keeps balance to the server. Without rules there would be no fun, cause of hackers, spammers, griefers (Some Servers Dont Have a No GriefingHacking Rule. Ex. Faction, Some Survival Servers, ECT...) Heres our rules. (Click Spoiler Below)
ParadoxNetwork Survival Server Rules

  • ParadoxSurvival Rules -
    No Hacking (Cave finder, X-Ray, Aimbot, ECT...)
    No Spamming
    No Advertising (Any other links or servers thats dont have to do with our community)
    No AskBegging or Items, Ranks, or OP
    No GriefingRaiding
    Do Not Abuse exploitsglitches on the server
    Do Not Disrespect PlayersStaff
    Do Not Be Racist
    Foul Language is acceptable in small bits
    Do Not Use full caps in every thing you say
    Any violations of the rules will not be tolerated

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