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SkepticPvP 1.4.6 [Premium] [Factions] [PvP/Raiding


About Us:
SkepticPvP is a new 24/7 pvp/raid server. When players first join the server, they will spawn in a pyramid in the center of spawn. Located in spawn is a list of useful commands, a player shop, and an AFK spot. We are always adding new signs and improving the design of spawn. Outside of spawn, players can pvp, make a base, and explore the world.

We have a factions plugin that allows players to join/create teams and set their headquarters. You may also form alliances with other factions to become to strongest faction(s) on the server!

Donor Ranks:
There are 8 total donor ranks available for purchase on our website. Each rank comes with in-game iConomy cash and diamonds.

Donor: $5 USD Receives 16 diamonds and $5000 in-game iConomy cash.
Full: $10 USD Receives 32 diamonds and $10,000 in-game iConomy cash.
VIP: $20 USD Receives 64 diamonds and $15,000 in-game iConomy cash.
Premium: $30 USD Receives 96 diamonds and $20,000 in-game iConomy cash.
Elite: $50 USD Receives 128 diamonds. $25,000 in-game iConomy cash, and 1 free mob spawner change.

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