This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Realm Square


Join us on Square Realm!

Discover an explore a massive NEW world which you will Transform to the limit of your imagination!
This server is recommanded for players that enjoy making friends & make alliances/wars.

To stay as much as possible an enjoyable PvP-Factions/Vanilla Server, We added a few useful & protective plugins such as...

  • Authme to make sure nobody Access your character(s)
  • WorldGuard to protect our SafeZones.
  • Factions to make alliances/wars more fun while being protected at home.
  • Essentials to add helpful commands for the players.
  • AntiCheat to prevent Cheating.
  • AntiHack to prevent Hacking.
  • AntiX-Ray to prevent X-Ray.
  • AntiSpamm to prevent Spammers.
  • AntiSwear to prevent Bad words.
  • AntiBot to prevent Bots attack against the server.
  • AutoSaveWorld to prevent losing any progress if server shutdowns for any reason.

To improve the players experience, we decided to add a few non-vanilla elements such as...

  • FunZone(s) Block Climbing
  • WarZone(s) Battlegrounds/Arenas
  • PremadeWarps Predefined biomes to meet/find people faster if interested.

Hope to see you In-Game & Thank you!

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