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Forbidden Lord's Build Server


Forbidden Lords is a Freebuild Server,

We are mainly focused on building here but we have also made a PVP arena and the World War Z mini game. There is a store everything is free there. You can use /warp wild to start building, You cannot build in spawn but you are free to anywhere around the wild. We have world edit, Essentials, Coreprotect, Residence and other very helpful plugins. Don't grief we will find out and you will be banned.


  • Essentials
  • WorldEdit
  • PermissionsEx
  • Citizens
  • BeardStat
  • GriefPrevention
  • MCbans
  • BeardStat
  • Votifier (working on this one ;D)

Frequently asked questions:

Q:How do I get promoted? A:We have 6 user levels, the first after default is Player, You must play around 2-4 hours to get this rank

Q: Can I apply for moderator? A: No Moderators are selected by the server owner only, there are points you must meet:

  1. Is the person helpful, kind and honest? 2. Must be 14 years of age or older 3. Plays a lot like everyday and has been on for a while 4. Gain the trust of the owner 5. Show the will to become a mod, Nothings worse than someone who is promoted then doesn't do anything to help out.

Q:Why can't I use mods A: Mods can cause the server problems and they give you an unfair advantage.

Q: I found a grief or was griefed what do I do? Fix it? A: No Do not fix griefs until a Moderator or OP Has seen it and told you it's ok, it's happened before someones griefed then another person comes to fix it, and the wrong person ends up getting banned because all the admin sees is that they've placed blocks on something that doesn't belong to them.

Hope you enjoy the server,

Thanks! - Staff team

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