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Contact to be whitelisted.


Whitelist based MC server. Visit my Twitch channel during a stream (or send me a Twitch message) to join up.

Some simple rules that are enforced include:

  • No griefing allowed. That includes no stealing, destruction of others property/animals/pets, etc. Also includes custom/claimed villages.
  • Mild language permitted but clean language preferred. Excessive or extreme language can result in being removed.
  • PVP allowed among those who are willing participants.

Game is in survival mode, minus creepers (for now, they may return later). Custom village at spawn with free food available to all players and a modest starting kit for new players.

Twitch channel:

If you want to join, contact me (either in stream chat or via Twitch message) and provide me your Minecraft user ID so you can be added to the whitelist.

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