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5 year anniversary! Est. 2010
Hello and Welcome.
My Name is Tom and i am the sole Creator of BritCraft

Welcome to the BritCraft server. Disclamer: If you see anyone else called BritCraft, they are a blatant copy of us!! We where first established back in Alpha 2010! and where the only BritCraft around. We are back!, After about 2 years away from the game, but are now here to stay! If you want to have fun, meet new people, make new friends or even just to relax and build your home in a far away land, BritCraft is for you. We mainly focus on The Vanilla aspect of the game (which is how the game was made to be) We also like to focus our builds on a Medieval type of role (see screenshots), If you have an eye for detail you will definitely be welcomed here!. BritCraft is full of kind and helpful mature players who are there for you and each other, To help you if you get stuck, or even if you want to work on projects together. or just need some advice on a building. Me, my staff and YOU Together can build up and create a great mature Community , So come join us, get involved and have some fun! That's what games are for right?

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