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Runt's Ground! PvM, MH, AC, Skyrim, RPG, and more!


try our youtube for a video! and updated ip!

Runt's Ground NOW UPDATED TO 1.6.4!!! a friendly server looking for players there are ranks,minigames,skills, rewards, parties, factions, pvm, pvp, and alot more!! this server has a feel of a hardcore game mode without being quite so hard! work together with friends to beat the monsters of the day and night to survive, special classes with unique weapons and abilities for each! new monsters too! with a ton of plugins and only 3 mods, this server gives an amazing rpg feel, also sharing a few aspects of the 2012 game of the year Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and a few features to give the aspect of a great rpg Monster Hunter you can create parties of 4 and go together and fight the creatures of minecraftia including new bosses and dont worry about those greedy looter's :P when in a party there is a loot share system ^_^ ! there are quests, and a town, along with the Monster Academy, Admin player market and more like scaleing buildings!?!?!?! ;D ! we also have a few Admin made factions The Fighter Guild, The Mages Guild, The Thieves Guild, and The Dark Brotherood! may be more to come! like the Blackwood company, East Empire Company, Knights Of The Thorn, Dawnguard, The Shields[good werewolf guild], DarkFang Clan [bad werewolf guild] Clan Valkihar [bad vampires] Folkrim Gurads [guards for the town and academy you will have the ability to sent bounty on pickpocket and thieves whome escape ur wrath, for those who dont you can kill, or bind them with a rope and jail them, depending on thier crime of course :] ] oh and did i forget to mention use of the cannons? oh what cannons! yes thats right cannons ;] and hopefully a few more factions :D i will be trying to configure a few rank/nametags for people whome are in them but for now its all written down.

minecraft forge version: Forge1.6.2 or later
find it here:

Balkon's Weapons Mod version: 1.13.6 minecraft 1.6.4
find it here:

MrCrayFish Furniture version:3.1.1 minecraft 1.6.4
find it here:

no longer includes bosscraft atm! but added!
Custom NPC's MOD! :version 1.6.2/1.6.4
find it here:

i also recomend a couple mods to help like, craftguide, rei's minimap,animated players, and damage indicators! please do not use player ability altering mods like dbz,ect or any x-raying you will be banned! and you have been warned!

once you have installed those all correctly add this server click on it and HAVE FUN! :D there is alot of info and way more than what ive said here come join us!! and if you need anything we made warps for information on all plugins!;]
also try INFECTED GAMING1.6.2 for a great vanilla town server! or if you just
dont like mods :]
and a bukkit rpg server
based off skyrim

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