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Over the past few days I have been configuring and fine tuning a server of my own to play Feed-The-Beast's Unleashed pack and now, it is finally ready!Bare in mind this server is still very much a work in progress and will continuously be updated with support and donations will help keep the server running and adding new plugins/upgrading hardware!


These are in spawn but unless you want to read them now, they are as follows:
1. No Griefing others
2. PVP is allowed but only if both people parry their swords
3. Any unprotected chests are allowed to be stolen from (but we do have LWC)
4. Be respectful to everyone and play fair
5. Use common sense and don't irritate people

Make sure to do this before trying to connect.
Open your FTB Launcher. If you have not done so already change the version from recommended to 1.1.7. Then you must select the FTB Unleashed modpack from the left column. Now click the launch button on the lower right-hand side. This begins the download. When it is complete close out of the Minecraft window and reopen the FTB Launcher.Click the Edit Mod Pack tab and enable all the disabled mods in the right column. Once you have done so you may close out of this window.Click the Launch button once again and join

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