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• 100 Player slots
• Factions
• Factionmobs
• FactionPlus
• Raiding

The goal of mcMMO is to take core Minecraft game mechanics and expand them into add an extensive and quality RPG experience. MCMMO adds new levels and goals

Want some guards to defend your territory? Faction Mobs allows you to spawn mobs aligned to your faction! They'll attack enemy players and monsters! You can even order your mobs around. Make them follow you or patrol an area


Faction Plus adds:
Faction Warps
Faction Jail
Faction Announcement
Faction Bans
Faction Rules
Now, you are feeling confident with your faction. First, what is your reason for raiding? Do you wish for some more resources, perhaps getting some more diamonds? Did the faction or their people anger you in some way? Did they attack or declare war on you? Or are you just wishing to have bloodshed? Most Faction battles follow these steps:
They attack each other, try to infiltrate the other's base, kill each other, claim land, and steal. However, your reason may determine how the war will end and how you will win. If you are just raiding for more goods, your goal is to just get that chest, steal, and leave, perhaps returning their land and tools to them, so you can re-farm them again later. If you are waging a total war, you may end up griefing, keeping land, or even utterly destroying the enemy faction.
First, a war starts with a target. If you are raiding for resources, obviously you should go search for a faction that is rich, and easy to attack. /f list is a most useful tool for all attackers. If an enemy has a lot of people, but less land, obviously they will be an extremely hard faction to kill. You even need a majority of their members to be on, just so you can kill enough people to lower enough power. What you should search for, is a faction with reputation, and with a lot of lands claimed. One thing I extremely recommend, is stalk other faction's information. Use /f list and /f show regularly on factions, especially potential raiding targets. Not only does it show their claimed lands and their power, it can also allow you to see when a faction is vulnerable to claiming. Use /f show all the time. Use it before raiding, and during raiding to see when you have killed enough people so you can start stealing land.
There are 3 numbers in /f list. Like I shown before, it would be something like 4/10/10. When the 2nd digit is lower then the 1st digit, they are vulnerable to claiming. You might even just win a raid without killing their people, by just checking the /f list and seeing their power drops. Not many people realize that they are dying multiple times and that their power is actually getting low.
Now that you have a target, you have to find their base to attack. The best thing to do is just wander around, with /f map on, until you find some claimed land on the map, or try to deceive them or someone else into giving you the coordinates. Once you got the coordinates, remember them, write them down somewhere. The 2nd step is to get into the base and start your kills. The one thing I do not recommend, is to declare your faction as an enemy until right before you jump down and start your kill. Keep your faction neutral, so you do not provoke your enemy and alert them. Like I said before, there are many ways to get in a base. All bases have flaws, no matter how defensive it is or how impenetrable they claim. Leap over walls with an Enderpearl. If their walls are near the wilderness, pillar up and jump over them. If TNT and Fire is enabled, blast open a hole or burn them down by placing nearby wood. Alternatively, you can look down at the ground and see if you can find any name tags walking around. It could probably be their mines, which you can break into from the wilderness and sneak up into their base. The main thing, is remember to sneak and press shift at ALL TIMES. Last thing, however you break in, remember to try not to let the enemy know. This way, they won't seal it up. And if you find multiple flaws, alternate between them. Flee/exit with teleportation (/f home, /spawn, etc.), not back through your hole if you can. Just dig around the wilderness around their base, and you may eventually find a tunnel or a careless mistake. Lastly, if they got a Nether portal, it's bound to be the one first created near their area. Just create another Nether portal, go into the Nether, go back through the portal, and (hopefully) you are in their base.
Now that you find your flaw, it is time to attack. Remember, the only way to capture land is to kill. It is always good to attack at a time when the enemy is least prepared, such as when they are mining, and when a lot of their members are on. Remember, sneak before attacking. Also, remember, remain in a neutral relationship. Once you are ready to leap down and attack, quickly switch to /f enemy. Make sure you faction is an enemy, or you won't be able to damage them, and you may lose your element of surprise. For more tips on PVPing, go here.
Now, the main goal when attacking is to kill your enemy. But also remember, you cannot open doors, containers, or build and destroy blocks, and your damage is reduced by 30%.

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