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About Us
Craftium is a new, fun, and 99% lag/grief free server. The idea behind Craftium is a server for the players, by the players. We offer amazing service and are constantly striving to make a better and more enjoyable experience for our players. Our mission is to provide an fun, safe and free enviroment to play Minecraft in. We will take every suggestion that we hear, no matter so small. We believe that Craftium is not our server, but your server. We hold true to those values and always will. If you would like to play in creative mode, please join the server and get to know us and apply for Member+ in the forums!

About the Server
Craftium is packed with fun features, such as many different warps to different biomes. Want to be a jungle adventurer? Survive in the harsh desert? Whatever biome you choose, Craftium is the place to go. We also have a custom terrain map, made by our excellent terraformer, Ethancollier1234. It features a massive obsidian volcano and dense jungle peaks! It is an wonderful place to play survival, and it is entertaining just to explore the beautiful smooth landscape. And to top off the awesome-ness, we have the Skylands! An amazing landscape of islands floating above the void. An excellent place for building zepplins, floating buildings, and spaceships, the Skylands can provide hours of fun.

Craftium has many useful plugins. Many help us to adminstrate the server, but many more are for fun. We have Essentials (duh), ChestShop (for all your buying and selling needs), essentials economy, and other plugins such as Skylands (floating islands everywhere!), Lift (elevators), and McMMO. This is but a fraction of the amazing plugins we have installed, and we add new ones all the time.

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