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This server includes...


Create a faction with friends, claim territory and fight for glory! You can set relations with other Factions, they could be useful when in war. (Enemy, Truce, and Ally)


Have you ever wanted abilities for your weapons and tools? This plugin has it! With axes, you can chop down trees instantly with a right-click, or shovel up some dirt and gravel quickly with the built in abilities of the plugin. As you level up your abilities, you'll rise higher on the scoreboard. May the best crafter conquer!


Special crates that can give you good or bad items. Keys will be buyable with in-game cash (normal) or real life cash (premium).


Show off your building skills in your own 32x32 plot! You can hold any events that you want (Roleplay, Skin Comp, etc), as long as it's appropriate!


Ever wanted a safe way to sell off items? Here's your plugin! You can sell items without worrying about scammers or trolls. The best part is, people will go crazy over an auctioned item if it is rare enough to be worth buying!

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