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Clan City PvP Prison


From The Owners Of Dawg Tekkit and Prison The

Saga Continues!


C-Block: This Is The First Rank In The Prison. You Have Access To A Mine With Iron And Coal Ore, A Tree Farm And A Fishing Pond.

B-Block: This Is The 2nd Rank In The Prison. It Costs $15,000. You Now Have Access To A Sandstone Mine Which Is Filled With Iron, Gold, Coal, and Lapis Lazuli Ore. You Also Get Access To a Melom Farm. You Are Now 1 Step Closer To Becoming Free!

A-Block: This Is The 3rd Rank In The Prison. It Costs $35,000. You Now Have Access To A Netherrack Mine Filled With Diamond,Quartz,Iron,Lapis, Redstone, and Gold Ore, And A Few Surprises You Will Have To See For Your Self. You Also Have A Carrot Farm. You Are Now Respected Among Your Other Prisoners And Are Another Step Closer To Becoming Free

Elite-Block: This Is The 4th Rank In The Prison. It Costs $75,000. You Now Have Access To Maybe One Of The Nicest Elite-Blocks Ever Built On Any Prison Server. You Now Have Access To A Specially Designed Hard Clay Mine Full With An Abundant Amount Of Ores And Blocks! You Also Have An Animal Farm. You Are Now The Most Respected Person In The Prison Besides The Free People.

Free: This Is The Last Rank In The Prison. It Costs $145,000. You Now Have Access To The Free World. But Before You Enter You Are Now The Most Respected "Prisoner" On The Server. You Also Have Access To The Commands "/sethome" and "/home"

Omega: This Rank Has Access To The City! It Costs $200,000. You Can Go To The City Using /warp City. You Can Stop By Local Shops And Buy and Sell Your Items Or You Could PvP With Friends. Prisoners Now Look Up To You.

Delta: This Rank Can Buy Apartments In The City! It Costs $245,000. You Can Go To The City and Finally Have Your Own Apartment. Just Go To The Website To Find Out What Real Estate Is Available. Then Ask An Owner To Make It Yours! Prisoners Now Wish They Were You!

Alpha: This Rank Has Full Access To The City. You Can Buy And Sell Items, PvP With Friends, Buy An Apartment, Rent A Shop, And Run For Mayor! To Run For Mayor Go To The Website And Click Mayor Application.

Guard: To Apply For Guard Or Read The Guard Rules Please Continue Reading The Post. Your Job Is To Protect The Prisoners And Stop The Riots. You Are Not Always Treated With Respect

Sr.Guard: Sr.Guard Is The Highest Guard Position On The Server. It Can Only Be Achieved Through Hard Work, Dedication And Trust. In Order For You To Become A Sr.Guard, You Will Need To Be A Guard For Quite A Long Time So That The Players And The Staff Of The Server Get To Know You A Little Bit. You Can Not Apply For Head-Guard, It Would Be Given To You By A Sr-Warden On The Server.

Mayor: This Is The 4st Highest Rank On The Server. You Are Now An Admin. You Have Access To Every Command On The Server And Are Under Pressure At All Times. The Mayor Rank Is Only Achievable If You Are Either A Head-Guard Or A Mod or You Were Alpha In The City. To Be A Mayor You Need To Have Prior Plugin And Prison Server Knowledge. Also, As Mayor You Make The City Laws. This Rank Is Only Given By The Owners: Georgiadawg27, Buddyboy99, and Triggjo2

Warden: This Rank Is Un-Achievable!

Owner: This is 100% un-Acheviable And Only For Georgiadawg27, Buddyboy99, and Triggjo2!

Chat-Moderator: To Apply For Chat-Mod Or Read The Chat-Mod Requirements And Rules, Please Continue To Read The Forum Post. Your Job Is To Patrol The Chat And Make The Server A More Enjoyable Environment For All The Players. You Also Have Access To "/mute" And "/kick".

Donor: To Donate Go To The Website And Click The Donations Tab!
And 50$ Packages! Each With Their own Block!

What Is Minecraft Prison?
Minecraft Clan City PvP Prison Is A Prison Which Revolves Around Prisoners Working Until They Are The Highest Rank. Once They Have Done Enough Work They Will Eventually Be Able To Become Free. Some Examples Of Work That The Prisoners Can Do Is: Farming, Mining, Cutting Trees, Trading And More.

What Is A Prison Server?
A Prison Server Is A Specific Type Of Server Which Belongs In The Category Of Role-Playing Servers. In A Prison Server , There Are Usually Around 4-5 Prison Ranks, Guard, A Type Of Head Guard & Warden. As A Prisoner You Have To Do Certain Jobs To Get Money, When You Are In C-Block You Need To Mine And Cut Trees To Get Your Money. Every Block Has A Whole New Refreshing Area With All New Jobs Which Means You Never Get Bored. After You Have Made Enough Money You Can Be Buy Free.

All Of These Things Can Get You Either: Jailed, Kicked Or Temp Banned

  1. No Contraband Items/Weapons. If A Guard Sees With You With Either Of These He/She Has The Right To Demand The Sword From You And If You Do Not Comply, Jail You For The Amount Of Time The Guard Either Feels Right For Your Punishment Or The Set Time For That Specific Punishment.

  2. No PVP Abuse And Camping. PVP Abusing - Standing In A Non-Pvp Area And Hitting People Standing In a PVP Enabled Area Or Running Into A No-PVP Area When Tagged By A Guard Or A Prisoner. (Tagged - Hit From Said Person) Camping - Camping At A Player Spawn Or In A Non-PVP Area

  3. Do Not Grief The Tree Farms And Mines. Doing So Can Get You Jailed And Eventually Temp-Banned From The Server. Breaking Saplings Repetitively Will Result In A Temp-Ban.

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