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CosmiCube Build Server (Free Ranks!)


Are you sick and tired of waiting ages to be able to protect land? Of being forced to walk long distances just to find an area you can build on, no hassle? Of staff that are unfriendly, cold, and ban happy?

Well be sick and tired no more, join CosmiCube today!

On CosmiCube, we have done our best to keep everything simple. You do not have to sign any 'legal' agreements to begin playing. You can even find land and have it protected within 30 seconds of first login! Gone are the days of confusion!

Our staff are more than willing to help out with any problems if you run into any, that is why we put all staff recruits through rigorous training and tests to see if they have got what it takes!

So what are you waiting for! Join today on

Some of our features include:

A random teleport command to help you find free land, it spreads you around a 25k block radius so it is unlikely you will ever find built up land. Has a safe teleport feature, and ignores useless biomes!
Protect your land instantly by simply building in a chunk you want to build in. Users get a max of 25 chunks, but by joining the forum and adding an account to your enjin profile, this restriction is removed! For larger builds, or towns, the staff can protect, or even flatten large areas of land for you using worldguard.
Random voting rewards! Discover the different voting rewards the server offers, including unique permissions, commands, items, money and more!
An affordable donation rank! Tired of working for items? Want an item that can only be spawned in? A £10 donation towards the server and website upkeep grants you the ability to spawn in items!
Craftbook mechanics are available for Donators, Craftbook includes things such as Gates, Bridges, Doors and more!
See how much mail you have, who is online and more information in the MOTD!
There are too many features to list on this page, so why not come along and experience the server yourself!
Staff Members

Lord_Cuddles (Admin)
pineappledog9 (Admin)

We are not currently recruiting, we will look for players once we have at least 8 people who are active!

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