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Hello, are you looking for a small server or a big server ? If you looking for a small server we are what your looking for, but if you looking for
a larger server, why not help us advance in getting players, to help us get players start by being one. We would love to have you play on our server.
We are not asking you to donate, you only donate if you really love our server, not because we told you to. We have lots of Minigames and Gamemodes to
offer for you. We have Skywars, kitpvp, hungergames/survivalgames, tntrun, quake-craft, spleef, capture the falg, skyblock and Creative, We have massive
and lovely looking spawns and minigame arenas built buy our epic Head-Builder, Shadow4121. He has built us things that world edit would never dream of making
he can make anything we require, houses, towns, mountains, hills, castles, minigame arenas, and he has done them all. He made them all by hand without world edit.
This shows our full potential that we really wnat you to play with us. We do not accept mean or rude Staff for the sake of the community, in other words we have
a great team of Staff including Helpers, builders and our very own epic Developer Nebhay, nebhay has brought us great features to our server to keep it more
profesional and clean, such as our clearchat, we might not have our server bungeecorded but it feels bungecorded when you play, trust me, the only thing that
it differs from is chat and tab. All of our setup minigames are by people with years of experience. This server began with 2 friends, myself and Jafflecrack. I
wanted to create a server for Youtube, so Jaffle and I made this awesome server, we updated bad builds, we added good minigames and Jaffle became the most
generous person in the entire universe and bought the server, that is why i am here today. Please join, we really want to meet all of you and play with you all
, hey think about it, you might be in some of our youtube vids :)

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