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[ReaperNation] FTB Ultimate


Welcome to ReaperNation!

I am hoping to see alot of player joining and building and competing for items in our server. Any question regarding anything just ask any admin or player and just about everyone should answer or help you with any questions you have. If you have a facebook come and visit us at When you join, at spawn there will be 2 armor sets and 32 diamonds for players to split or claim There decision so like and come help populate the [ReaperNation] community

Note The reason why we are called ReaperNation is because I am planning on having clans or groups be able to respect and join to create there own city/town/base on the server. If there are any problems such as destruction, swearing, racial remarks, duping, or anything you know will get you banned. If you are not sure if something can get you banned ask an admin or ask me. I will be nice about any situation and rarely do I ban, but if another player or more then one file a complaint on our facebook page or during server playthrough, the situation will be taken into my hands. Im more then sure "almost" everyone will respect and enjoy the server. Exp when there is a chance to win rare non creatable items! :) Now vote, comment, and come join us, hope to see you soon!

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