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  • SurvivalRPG - is a survival server with a twist. We have the McMMO which adds abilities that enable players to become more powerful as you level up, as well as many other plugins to simulate a typical MMO video game to keep players stimulated, and enthralled.


Some of the server's qualities include:

-Build protection - Use a gold shovel to claim your land, or signs to lock doors and storage.

-No griefing - Staff members will zone completed builds, and can detect grief if someone steals or destroys a build. It can be undone in a matter of seconds, even if staff are offline when you discover grief if you put in a /ticket reporting it at the spot it was done. Staff can figure out if it is grief, or just unfinished very quickly, and don't mind doing so.

-Custom Villagers with more realism! Marry npcs, adopt children, or have your own. The npcs here are much more interactive allowing you to build relationships with them, and even marry!

-Bouncy beds and mushrooms!

-Special food from broiled zombie flesh to dragon meat with special effects more powerful than a Notch apple!

-Marriage - Marry players or NPCs!

-McMMo - Level up skills, increasing abilities, use custom items, and more!

-PVP only in designated PVP areas - Don't be bothered while trying to build your house. You are protected unless you choose to enter a dangerous area.

-Parkour areas - Many custom physics enable us to create unique parkour with an amazing experience!

-Spleef arenas - Try to dig the snow out from under your friends in a safe arena environment.

-Contests with great prizes such as donor rank. - Halloween build contest going now!

-Staff applications - Active members of the server can apply for staff after 30 days!

-PVP Island with TNT enabled!!! - Some times you just have to go somewhere to blow stuff up!

-Many experienced staff that are quick to assist players, and moderate - Staff go though extensive training, teaching them to be effective, helpful, and skilled individuals to help you if you need help.

-Shop with fair prices that encourage player trading - Anyone can make a living here. The point of a shop is to have an economy so you can do what you like doing, and make money doing it, that way when you want other goods or services you can afford it. At SurvivalRPG you can do that. The shop is fair and balanced. No more struggling for food while you mine. Just sell some ore, and buy some food! The prices are designed to encourage player trading as well. Sure you can sell 8 obsidian for $512.00, but to buy it, it's $1024.00 for 4, so of course you have a lot of room for haggling with other players when it comes to buying/selling items if you want to be a merchant.

-Mythic Mobs - We create our own unique custom mobs. Friendly, neutral, hostile, there are over 100 so far and there are more added weekly. Never run out of things to do with a constant steady release of new content and updates.

-Rare drops - With over 180 cutom created items, many common, some legendary, and some unique to events and holidays, players can have a unique style of combat and remain competitive with other styles.

And much more! Come join us, and see for yourself why SurvivalRPG is the best server out there.

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