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[1.7.2] BeastCast PVP [FACTIONS] [PVP] [RAIDING]




Beastcast PVP is a unique faction server. The owners of the server have been playing faction servers ever since it could be played and we have created this server with what we know people want with our budget.

You start in a Inn in the middle of nowhere. Choose to spend your time how you wish in the unpredictable world, form alliances and create the strongest faction or fight alone against the plentiful enemies that await. Also the seed is amazing! Also the seed is amazing!


  • all biomes within 2000 blocks
  • 3 huge savannah plateau M biomes
  • massive mesa area with wonderful bryce spot
  • one of the largest birch forest M biomes (large birchs) ive ever seen, next to mesa bryce
  • also lot of standard birch forests all connected north east of mesa bryce
  • massive jungle in the east with huge roofed forest inside
  • south east: mega taiga und mega spruce taiga
  • north: ice land with spikes biome
  • mushroom biome!
  • theres even room for a massive lakeocean with a lot if islands in it


  • No hacking or exploiting
  • No Advertising
  • No Spamming
  • No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items
  • No Builds Near Spawn
  • No 1x1 Towers

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