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What is Ultra PvP?
Ultra PvP is a great Faction PvP and Griefing server. That has a great staff and great plugins!

What can I do in the server?
You can explore the biggest mountains. Build the biggest faction.
Make the best house. Be the best Mob hunter. Be top on Mob Arena.
Be the best archer the server has ever seen! Have the most money
in any way possible. Be a friendly person who helps noobs out on
there first time on the server. Slay the noobs when they come.
The possibilities are endless On Ultra PvP.

How do I rank up?
You can rank up simply by playing on the server and being a good player.
Over time you can rank up to regular (6 hours) then to Veteran (12 hours).
You can also rank up by donating to be a Semi-Moderator or a Moderator!
Donater rank is also available!

If you can't find diamond why not buy one?
This server has a shop in so you can buy whatever you like, for a price :).
If you find yourself low on money all you have to do is go to the mob arena to rank
up some cash and some money $$.

The server has a mob arena!
The mob arena on Ultra PvP is like Call of duty zombies in alot of ways.
The mobs all come from one side.
May seem easy but once you play you will soon know that it is not
the case. The mob arena is sorounded by lava making very hard to

Multiverse-Core 2.5-b641
Headshot 1.0
BukkitCompat r22a
SimpleAutoAnnouncer 1.0.2
QuickShop 4.4
PermissionsEx 1.19.6
WorldEdit 5.5.7
CoreProtect 2.0.8
floAuction 2.9.0
Hats 1.1
CraftBukkit on Bukkit 1.6.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT: MagicCarpet 2.3.1
Vault 1.2.25-b333
ForcedGrammar 1.8.1
WorldGuard 5.8
GriefLog 5.0.3
CustomSpawners 0.5
MobArena 0.95.5
Citizens 2.0.9-SNAPSHOT (build 912)
Lift 38
ShowCaseStandalone 0
BeTheMob 1.13
CustomPortals 1.1.3 [1.6.2-R0.1]
Punishmental 4.3
Buycraft 5.9
EssentialsProtect Pre2.12.1.1
Essentials Pre2.12.1.1
EssentialsChat Pre2.12.1.1
EssentialsSpawn Pre2.12.1.1
Factions 2.0.4
EssentialsXMPP Pre2.12.1.1
EssentialsGeoIP Pre2.12.1.1
CreativeKilling 1.0
Mobcash 2.3
Autorank Beta 2.5
mcore 6.5.2
FiniteGlobalShop 29

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