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This is the ultimate tekkit server.
Pro Hosted, 96 GB Ram, SSD Driven, 24 Cores of Xeon goodness! = No Latency
HUGE Main world 40 Billion Blocks! 100k,100k to -100k,-100k (Do the MATH)

Separate Hard Core Factions Raiding server also 40 Billion blocks anything goes, near anarchy in Raiding world.

All Items enabled (Some need to be placed by Admins) - Donors get the better items of course.

14 Custom Plugins specifically made for Tekkit.
Re-Modded Mods for better SMP play

3rd Party Plugins :
Mob Disguise
Chest Shops
Jump Sticks
War (5 Arenas including a JET PACK arena)

Factions has its own world.. Custom Plugins for Factions too! Also a huge world.
Teleport Delays(5 Sec)

Custom 'Webs' protection Plugin NOT available anywhere else! Completely Prevents Griefing, even with EE Items! .. Easy to use, drop a web and protect a 31x31 area from bedrock to 256.

Add your friends with /trust or remove them with /untrust
TP System for webs so you NEVER lose your locations
Rename and give descriptions to your webs.. Mae the public so others can find them and visit you (Descriptions can be added, that show in a list AND it is searchable)

They even prevent water and lava from flowing IN to your protected land!

Friendly Staff!
Web Store for getting a jump on the other players..
IC Based Economy

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