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Pandora Craft

Pandora Craft


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Our Mission

If you’re looking for a semi-brand-new server, then look no further! While we cannot promise that we’ll have amazing breath-taking features like many other servers might advertise, what we can promise is that Pandora Craft will be a server focused primarily on player interaction and having fun. What that means in short is that we’re interested in building a community centered around and shaped by you the player.

Features We Have To Offer

Some features we have to offer as of right now would be a 50k x 50k main world, along with a resource world, end, and nether that will reset every month or so, Towny with the ability to create nations and start wars (…eventually), staples like Mcmmo and Jobs, Spawner Silk Touching, a mall like player shop area, along with features you may not see often like advanced randomly spawning dungeon structures that get progressively more difficult the farther you go down, and dozen of advanced enchantments that allow you to customize your way of playing to a degree.

Features In The Works

We also have many things planned like updating to 1.15, re-enabling dynmap across all worlds, a creative world and building contest, custom cosmetic items, trails, and pets, and implementing custom events and custom event mobs to take on throughout the year. We’re also open to taking suggestions on plugins and features you would like to see added to the server!

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for community driven players. While we are a mature server (17+), we’re more than open to all players coming along to experience what we have to offer. We’re also looking for people who have suggestions on different plugins and features that could make the server more fun to play on.

Important Things to Consider

We’re currently in active open beta which means you might run into problems like plugins not working the way they should. We’re hoping to get players who can help stress test the various features and plugins so that we can improve and perfect them. Another thing to consider is we’re (Theodore and Ghost) are not server owning experts. We may not know how to properly configure files or add plugins but are more than willing to give it a try if you’re willing to be patient with us.

Rules Of The Server

  • Please don't ask for ranks, items, or money.
  • Please don't harass staff or other players.
  • The use of racism, sexism, ect is not allowed on this server.
  • Please try to keep global chat to English. Towny chat and other private chats are fair game.
  • Please try to not spam the chat or bring up topics like politics.
  • The claiming of plots within 16 chunks of a pre existing town is not allowed unless if given permission by town owner.
  • Don't advertise other servers in global chat.
  • Exploits, hacks, and mods like xray and the like are not allowed.
  • Machines built to lag or bypass limits such as the afk timer are not allowed.
  • Griefing is allowed on unprotected builds.


If you’ve made it this far and are interested in giving Pandora Craft a try, we would recommend joining our discord server! It is the best way to get in contact with either myself or Ghost and you are also able to do important things like advertise things in your shop (once you set one up), report bugs/errors, and suggest plugins or features for consideration. You can join the Discord by clicking here.

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