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TorC Gaming


New Server:
This is a new server and map. So it will take a few weeks to fully populate. I have been hosting MC server for 3 years now, and will do what it takes to keep this one up for a very long time. Stick around and help our player base grow, and I think you will not regret it.

Unique Mobs and Items:
On the server you will encounter regular mobs, stronger than regular mobs, and epic mobs. All mobs have a chance or dropping unique loot. There are multiple tiers of items ranging from common to legendary. Many of the item tiers have a chance of higher than normal level enchantments, and also allows socket gems to be added into weapons and armor, giving them special abilities, more enchantment levels, and added HP/armor.

Normal mobs will also carry powerful gear and weapons. So if you see a zombie coming at you in full leather, and a diamond sword in hand. You might want to think twice about engaging it without first checking your own gear to see if it is up to par.

Towns and Nations:
Players can start town on the server to claim and protect the land they want. Town Mayors have full control over who builds inside their town. Mayors can invite friends to join their town, ally with other towns, and even become the king of a nation consisting of multiple towns.

Towns start out with a fair amount of claimable land and gain more claimable land by inviting others to their town, purchasing with in game money or premium points, and by joining a nation. There are lots of ways to expand your town.

Nations cost a lot more to start than a town, but nations also provide the largest source of claimable land for any town who is a member. The larger the nation the more bonus claimable land towns will receive by joining the nation.

Players can collect in game money (Zenni) by selling ore, and items dropped by mobs to the server via the in game /shop.

Money is used to pay town and nation taxes, trade with other players, expand your town, buying items from the server store via the in game /shop, and many other things.

Player Trade:
Players can trade items with each other via a secure in game GUI that allows trading anything for anything. Player personal shops will be added in the future once a working GUI is finally set up for them. (Want to avoid sign and chest shop client lag fests if possible.)

Limited Teleportation:
Players can freely teleport to the server spawn, towns, their own home, and allied towns, but not directly to other players. If players wish to group up they will need to teleport to a town or server spawn and start their adventures from there. This will hopefully encourage players to build road and rail systems thru out the server.

In game Tutorials, Commands, and Info:
The in game /shop will contain tutorials, commands, and information about server features so you never have to leave the server or visit the website to get game information.

In addition to players being able to claim their land via the town/nation system, if players choose to play outside of protected land, like in the wild, we offer rollbacks of any damage that might be inflicted by malicious players. Just submit a grief report with coords and a description of the grief and an admin will come rollback any damage.



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