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InfusionDayZ - PVP / PVE Dayz, Guns, Custom Map


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What is Infusion DayZ?
Infusion DayZ is a minecraft server that looks actually like DayZ, It's not only about killing zombies and players on this server but you have to find your own food, find guns, find armor and more stuff!
There are 3 types of loot on our server
Red flag: Dungeon many traps, hard to do. But best loot! Some of dungeons you can even find diamond armor!
Blue flag: Military base, or an airport. Best weapons, not really hard but alot of zombies and maybe bandits!
Yellow flag: Normal city loot
You can find the flags at our dynmap on our website
Vote 4 Cash!
You can always vote and get 200 credits!
Vote to help the server and get something in return, what you can do with credits is buy alot of stuff around the map.
Or you can just use your credits to /rankup and get a new rank! You get a command or a /kit at every rank.
Join our website @
Can i donate for stuff?
Yes, you can always donate for stuff. You can donate for a rank or for items! Check out our store @
Owner: Carl

Admin: Erik

Host: Johan
And some moderators, but you will see them on the server ;)
Can i join thy server?
You can always join the server :P
(--------------------------------------------------) Infusion DayZ (--------------------------------------------------)

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