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Poison Galaxy (Prison)


PoisonGalaxy is a brand new prison server looking for fun and active players, Polite staff, Tons of events, Pvp Arena, And alot more.

The rules below are expected to be followed every single time you log on, No one is exempt from the rules even staff,If you break one of these rules you will be punished depending on what rule you break.

1, No Griefing, Do not break any blocks that other players have placed for a reason.
2, No Excessive foul language, Do not spam cuss words.
3, No Hacking, Do not use hack clients.
4, No Scamming, Do not scam other player from their money/items.
5, No Spamming, Spamming is contently sending the same message.
6, Respect all players, Treat other players the way you would like to be treated.
7, Dont not argue with staff, Staff are always right.
8, No asking for staff, You can apply on the forums or on the server.
9, No disrespecting Staff, Do not insult staff members, (They work hard)
10, No Xray, Using a hack client or mod to find ores.

Staff rules, If a staff member is not following one of these rules report it to Pbkid315 or Magicmanawesome immediately.

1, No abusing powers, No jailing, Kicking, Muting, Banning, For no reason.

Chatmod Requirements,
1, Must be B rank or higher
2, Must have good use of the English language
3, Must be [Tornado] respectful
4, Must be liked by Staff and players.

Chatmod Application,



Do you understand the rules?

Current rank,

Why should we pick you,

What times will you be available,

SECRET WORD [Read the rules]:

Guard requirements,
1,Must be B rank or higher.
2,Must have exceptional pvp skills
3,Must be liked by staff

Guard Application,



Do you understand the rules?:

Current Rank,

Why should we pick you?,

What times will you be available,

SECRET WORD [Read the rules]:

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