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Coalbin Map Generation

Coalbin Map Generation

Unique map generation

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Coalbin is a one of a kind hybrid survival server designed for builders and PvPers alike. Our unique selection of plugins offer a guaranteed fun and exciting experience for all. Our aim has been to provide a perfect balance between players who prefer building, and those who prefer killing. In addition, our economy is player run. We offer protected plots in our marketplace for players to buy and sell their items to others in the community. Money can also be earned in other interesting ways, such as slaying monsters in our custom built Mob Arena.

Our handpicked and experienced staff are dedicated to maintaining Coalbin. Both moderators and admins have basic commands to keep things in line, and have no unfair advantages over other players. Our server is entirely survival mode with difficulty set to hard.


Community Spawn: Everyone is allowed a plot at spawn to build their own market stall. Our entire spawn is built up of player shops, each one unique.

Realistic World: A completely custom world generation that creates pine forest mountains, desert canyons, ice lakes and more! Check out a few shots of the server here:

Creative World: Bored of survival? We have a creative map for you to play on. Claim a plot and build to your heart's content.

Residence: A player-friendly protection system packed full of features to satisfy anyone. You can buy and sell property in game, or rent out land to other players.

McMMO: Allows players to gain levels to unlock fun rewards for various tasks in Minecraft. We've disabled the PvP abilities to keep combat fair to all.

DynMap: A live map of the server's world.

Mob Arena: Enter the mob arena to fight wave after wave of monsters. Beat the bosses to win prizes, sell the prizes at spawn for cash. Have you seen Tanky the Slime boss yet?


Also found here:

Mods/clients that give you an unfair advantage are not allowed. If you are unsure, ask a staff member.

Griefing is not allowed. If you don't know how to claim your property using Residence, type "/res" in game for more information.

People are free to say what they want in chat. If you don't want to read what someone is saying, the /ignore command is available.

You are not allowed to camp a player for more than 15 minutes. After that time, you must leave the area for atleast 20 minutes.

Do not kill the same person over and over. Exceptions are made if they instigate another fight.

End portals may not be claimed.

You may not set a home within 50 blocks of another player's claim without permission.

Unclaimed farms, animals, NPCS, and unlocked chests are free game to raid.

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