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Cities and Sailors | 1.6.2 | Vanilla | Backpacks |


Cities and Sailors

Come check out the livestream! | Leaving a Follow on that will help us out with the server in the long run! Come watch us play all sorts of games, and simply have a good time playing

Cities and Sailors Alpha V 0.03 is a hard work of over 250 hours, If you like please consider diamond it (the diamond button at the top) Or even favorite it (the heart button near the download ), it's super easy and show your support :)

Cities and Sailors is a Very Simple, but well Made Server! Having so many more aspects to the server that no Other Server Have! A Complete different Day n Night System! Mining, Monsters, Weapon n Armor, Building, Physics, even Weather! Everything on this Server was changed to make it a whole lot more interesting, And a lot harder!
Teaming up with friends, to defend yourself at Night! From the creepy crawlies! Sneaky Creepers and Zombies! Skeletons shoot a lot smarter! And are able to enchant their own Bows if they find an Enchantment table! Creepers being a whole lot smarter, in the Ways they sneak up on you, and find you! Zombies coming in big Groups to break down your Doors and Windows! And all the others, just being a lot creepier than Normal!

Adventure > Finding Pumpkins and other amazing things in the wilderness is all so fun and interesting! Although finding the hidden ruins with Chests, and villagers to trade you goods are a lot better than Pumpkins! Finding old cities underground! Exploring them! Raiding Them! Conquering Them!

Experience > Us being a one of a kind server! Meaning you will never find one like this! We can assure you, you’ll have one of the best times in your Minecraft Experience! Meeting new Friends, Exploring new Structures! And many more!

Family > Us having our own little Family, being one of the best ones I ever had! Helping each other when they are in need! Defending our new friends! Teaching them our ways! Introducing everyone to our new Family! Come join our amazing one of a kind Community!

Plugins > The plugins we've are SaddleCraft, Backpacks, and also Core Protect! The SaddleCraft allows you to create Saddles for either pigs, or horses, allows you to create Lead easier and also name tags! Backpacks allows you to create a small backpack that can hold up to eight items of your choice! And lastly, Core Protect allows the owner to see who griefed, and then allows him to be able to role it back!

Support Us > Like what we do? Leave some feedback on how we can improve! Donations go directly to the server to improve it on Lag! To make it a more enjoyable play to hang out at! Voting everyday on all eight Websites help us even more than Donating! You even get a little reward in game! Visiting our website! And simply playing our server and have a great time!

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