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Hello, My server Pixelspree is now live. The server is a survival RPG server.
We have several ranks:
Default rank. you start at this rank when you join the server.

Regular member rank. You get this rank by registering to the website.

You can get the rank Pixel by beeing honest and loyal to the server, and beeing kind,friendly and helpful towards other players.

You can get the builder rank by building something amazing and submitting an application. Builders get access to more commands to further help them build more amazing things.

Special titles:


Owner of of a town. Can get bigger protections, with plots. Can get a portal set up from the hub to the town. To have the portal you need to pay a monthly tax of 50,000 Pix.


Can set up shops with Chestshop. Can get an advertisement in the Hub. To have the advertisement in the Hub you need to pay a monthly tax of 30,000 Pix.

Staff ranks:

Mods are the people entrusted with maintaining and moderating the community. They can mute, kick and ban players if the break the rules.

Admins are the administrators of the server, they are also in charge of keeping the staff in line, making sure a moderator isnt misusing his or her powers.

The owner is in charge of keeping the server running, as well as making sure the plugins are working properly.


You landed with your spaceship on a planet called PixelSpree, because you have found some evidence that some of your species live there. You will discover that you are not alone and you will become a Pixel! Are you going to join a town? Are you going to be a Mayor or Merchant? Maybe just be a Builder. Discover events and achievements with great rewards.

Feel free to join at :
Website url:

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