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NoodlePvP - New Faction Server - 1.8


Welcome to the official forum thread of NoodlePvP!!!
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Our server is an amazing new world or luck and mystery. Will you become the next top Faction and rule the world along side your friends? If you join today you can begin that journey. Voting or Donating will give you a upper hand , but anything is possible when you meet the friendly players and staff.Are you ready for the world of PvP in NoodlePvP? Well now is the time to join before the world is over taken.

We are also looking for a Chat-Mod as well due to being new we don't have trust within players yet. ( Need to play before asking/applying )

What Makes NoodlePvP Better than the Rest?

We are more special than normal factions, we offer Autoranks within playtime so that provides players a chance for free items with kits. ( See more details in the Information Section for ranks at spawn on the server )
Tried of people cheating you and logging out? We have Combatlog to stop that.
We also have Votifer that lets you vote 3+ times a day and you get Voter key from our CratePlus plugin.
Plugin Information:

Killer of the EnderDragon gets a special tag! ([DragonSlayer]tag )
Donors get amazing armor due to our TimTheEnchanter Plugin!
You can move spawners from locations and create grinders using Silk Touch Pickaxes, with our SilkSpawners Plugin!
We do Drop Parties when needed and there are special keys within them, due to CratePlus Plugin!

Ever hate the boring obsidian being unbreakable and makes the factions too OP? Don't fear we have Obsidianbreaker Plugin than makes obsidian breakable with

TNT or Explosions ( Like Withers or Creepers )

Want a friends head? We have Beheaded plugin that lets you do that ( Mobs included ).

We have mcMMO Plugin that gives the players a more PvP like setting and advantage over the Donor.

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