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Disclaimer: This server is not quite professional in comparison to Hypixel, TheArchon, etc, because that is not the goal here. Our goal is to produce a small to medium sized tight-community where everyone knows each other, questions don't go unanswered, and everyone has a good time!
No need to wait until August 1st (for those of you who know about the new EULA) for fair gameplay, because everything is balanced here!
Here is what we offer:
This is a player-defined server where players can protect their land by claiming it according to power levels, and they must build powerful bases to protect their precious items from outsiders and fight to become the strongest faction on the server!
Another thing. Due to the new EULA, a compliant donation system has yet to be setup. Meaning there is no need for you all to despise "Super-OP" players running around with stacks of god-apples and backup kits, because we won't have any!
Main plugins:
An McMMO plugin that allows you to level up special skills and using cool boosts that can come to your advantage in any situation.
A Silk Spawners plugin that allows you to mine any spawner using a silk touch pickaxe!
Access to many commands that many servers won't give you access to!

  • Enderchest
  • Workbench
  • Auctioning items
  • 3 homes that you can set anywhere you'd like!
    This is a challenge server with a crude economy that forces players to rely on the materials provided to them upon the creation of their island to support themselves.
    One important thing about this skyblock server is that: The shop only sells things that are neccesary to complete challenges but normally impossible to come by naturally on your island.
    Main plugins:
    A ChestShop plugin that allows you to create shops that you can use to buy or sell materials from other players. This is the main economy of this server, so the players will define a good economy here, not the staff.
    An auctioning plugin that allows you to auction off your items!

Come join us!

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