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This is a survival and pvp server. Fight along side or against fellow players to survive and build up an empire. The server is run by adults so you can be sure that you won't be joining a server full of admin idiocy. The rules on the server are very clear and if you have questions I even added my skype username in the server to ask questions. I am a CS major and know what I am doing so the server won't randomly crash and purge its data every few days like some servers I have seen. Donation groups are more balanced than on my previous servers and I am always trying to improve the server when I have time. To top everything off, we are anti grief. If someone kills you in battle they can take what they want from your corpse however if they are not allowed to blow up your base and raid it. We have plugins to help identify and get rid of griefers. Additionally we have worldguarded, playerowned shops that players can buy with in game currency earned from mobs or mining. Come check us out!

I should give fair warning that some of us can be rather odd at times and the server is not the best place for people who get easily offended but if you want to have a good time then this is the server for you.

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