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♦Towny - Claim and protect land with this popular favorite!
♦MCMMO - Increase skills and unlock special abilities with this popular favorite!
♦Brewery - Brew, Drink, and Enjoy different beverages! Experiment and discover tons of custom brew recipes!
♦Deadbolt - Lock your chests, doors, and more!
♦MobArena - Join our Arena and battle endless waves of Mobs! Do it with a Team, or try it solo!
♦ChestShop - Sell goods in your own stores! ♦Auctions - Auction off your goods to make money in game!
♦Many More! - Crates, Enhanced Crafting, Jobs, Vote Rewards, Homes, Kits...

♢Custom Plugins:
♦EvianPacks - Take heavy packages of goods between major Cities! Face great perils, and be rewarded greatly!
♦EvianDrops - Get custom item drops when doing most any action! Mining, Digging, Fighting Mobs, Fishing, etc.
♦EvianTitans - Hunt down dangerous prey across the world. Will you survive a grand battle with these Bosses?
♦EvianScrolls - Hunting Mobs in certain areas may lead you to find a Scroll... these scrolls have clues to finding treasures!
♦EvianArmor - Special Armors can give additional bonuses, beyond their enchants! Wearing complete sets can give Set Bonuses!

♦Agriculture - Tending to crops? Fishing the seas? The Agriculture Guild is for you!
♦Forge - A master of shredding the earth? Join the Forge Guild!
♦Combat - After proving yourself to be a grand warrior, you may enter the Combat Guild!

♢Custom Items:
♦Weapons, Tools, Armor - We have several custom equipables that you can purchase from NPCs!
♦Drops - Custom Drops that can be traded into NPCs!
♦Lore - Each item tells a story! And the server is rich with history and lore!

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