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VoltMC IP Address - VoltMC Website -


VoltMC is a newly opened Factions server that aims to add more competitive aspects to the Factions gamemode by making Faction Wars, Tournaments, and Leagues.

Server Rules:

[1] Listen and respect staff and their orders
[2] Respect other players
[3] No spamming, swearing, advertising, or discriminating comments
[4] No client-modifications allowed (Optifine Allowed)
[5] No exploiting glitches or bugs. Report these to staff on the forums
[6] No sexual content allowed
[7] No TP-Killing
[8]Have Fun!


We are always looking for staff! You can apply to our server once you enter it! Just go to our website (which is mentioned above) and apply!

Builder Team:

VoltMC also has a Builder Team! To apply for our Builder Team, just ask one of our staff members and he will guide you through the process.

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