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HellCraft! An Epic F2P Minecraft Server!

HellCraft Logo!

PRE-WARNING: We Are not Offering/Needing Staff Members! Dont come for that reason! If you want to become staff, apply for it and play on the server with us!

Hellcraft is a friendly staff, survival based Minecraft Server. It is free to play and u get 3 diamonds for joining! Come and play with us! We are Online 24/7, if any Moderator is Online he will surely help you with your Issues, We got a Computer running 1GB Allocated to the Server(Still in upgrades) and 24 Mb/s of Internet Speed. Owners are very kind aswell as Moderators, Epic Spawn, No Warps, just Portals, Keep it Simple! Build In the Wilderness, Join Factions, Race with your Pigs! PVP in Open Arenas. PvP is Disabled in the wild, Chest shop, Starting kit of Stone Tools, MultiWorlds will be Enabled for Mining. Vote, Donate for Ranks such as Flyer and Creative! Cheap Prices! Play Fair, donĀ“t Grief or Raid! Build Your Home solo or with Friends, GriefPrevention and Factions! Join US! Soon to be a server with 8 Gbs of Ram allocated :). Happy 2013!! Its a 1.4.5 but dont worry! with the Link in the Description you can downgrade your version of minecraft to join this Epic Server ^^

Need to Contact me? Or Want to Apply for Staff?? Email Me!! or pinheirotruta5@gmail ^^

Owners: Jpt; pSyke

Admin: RcAs

Mods: JelloButler; Bunnies; etc...

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