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Looking for a fun new server to play on? (Emphasis on the new) Then Cakecraft is the place to be, with exciting new minigames coming up over the horizon, the future of Cakecraft is looking pretty bright! Although for now we only have factions/survival and pvp in store, hopefully that'll be enough to hold off the server for a little while. We are also in need of ACTIVE helpers, builders and a dev to help out with the upbringing of Cakecraft, visit our website for the helper app and come on the server to apply for builder and dev! I hope you will find this server to be fun, and I wish the best of luck to any staff applicants. Our server is indeed a hub server as well, and a history of about 2 months has left us crawling to build a hub spawn. But we managed to make "something" so I hope it still fits to your liking, thank you.

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