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MonsterWars is a server based on KitPvP. We only use the best community plugins and further only custom ones! Wars is just like prison but then without the mining. Instead of ranks, we use 'Tiers'. Each tier comes with it's own upgrades. Ranking up to a new Tier unlocks new kits for example. We also have 6 donor ranks: Donor ($10.00), VIP ($20.00), Turbo ($35.00), Ultra ($50.00), MLG ($75.00) & God ($100.00).

How do I rank up like in prison?

When you kill people, you get money. When you die, you lose money. This way we create an economical system where you have to choose between saving money for rankup or buying gear at the shop to get kills easier for faster rankup!

If you rank up, you might unlock new kits. If you do, won't the higher ranks be outgeared against the lower ranks?

No! In fact, if you rank up, you might unlock more kits. But these kits will be as equal in lifetime durability (for how long a player lives with this kit) as a default kit. It's just the fact that you have more kits to PvP with so you never run out! If you want better gear (Example: Diamond Armor) you will have to donate. Our donator ranks give a lot of perks for their cheap prices and unlike most KitPvP servers, all donor ranks are PERMANENT!

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We hope to see you on the server! :D

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