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The new lands where you have crashed are free from the infection which plagued so many in the world beforeand still survivors from the shipwreck are found daily. All 30 races seek new fortunes and the spells that the monsters covet for their magic in this previously unexplored land.Those who have made the journey quickly find themselves in a lush and vibrant landscape with a thousand possibilities for a new grand life.Some "would be" kings are running campaigns to convince the people they should have the honour of running their race. Its the rulers who will build the first capital cities here.And everywhere miners haul their precious gold and iron to the camp of the Invisible Overseers to sell.
This RP server has a unique spell/class and king system that makes for an immersive storyline, where30 races compete for land and resources. More player models plugin allows you to see other players special actions if you have the client side mod. Political aspirations along with tales of courage and blossoming romance make for a server where around every corner you find yourself walking into a new story. Come join us and weave your own tale of adventure and glory in the lands of Solinia!

Additional Details
Fall of an Empire is a fantasy Role-play server featuring 25 races, a spell and class system Towny and the MPM plugin. You need to fill out an RP application for full membership on this server .

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