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InvictaCraft [Factions 2.0] [McMMO] [Custom Plugin


To the new and Improved version of InvictaCraft

The spawn has been completely rebuilt, Adding new content and much more integration with the website. InvictaCraft's New spawn has fixed the spawnkilling problem by adding the PVPtimer plugin, which will give you time when you first spawn to get your things together and run. A wide open and simple spawn with many features is what's essential, and this we provide.

InvictaCraft Is now up 24/7 So the fun will never end. With our dedicated host and 6GB of RAM, you will almost never lag the slightest bit. You can battle your foes and build your base in the comfort of a smooth environment.

A brand new website from enjin has been made as well, It's very easy to navigate and has a very distinct, Unique look. You may vote on here, Donate for special perks, and post on the Forums.
Applying for staff is now possible because of the website, Applications will be viewed and reviewed almost everyday.

The shops have been redesigned, and re-imagined to be in the players Favor. A lot more items have been added along with the 1.6.2 Update, such as Nametags, Quartz, and plenty others. Two seperate shops that are connected through the roof. Command signs have also been added such as Balance, Disposal, and Mail.

Custom Plugins
Plugins that will make your experience more fun and give some an extra advantage.

  • = Plugin for all players
  • = Plugin is limited to Default users
  • = Plugin is for Donators only


This plugin allowed Donators to Tame their very own mob! Every single one, even an EnderDragon! (If you're lucky). Mobs will fight for you, follow you, defend you against hostile mobs, and you can even ride them. You can give them a name which will appear green over their Head.



Defaults are limited to the type of mobs they can disguise as, This plugin lets players disguise as a Mob/Entity for PvP and fun purposes. Once the disguised player is hit, they will be automatically undisguised. This plugin has a lot of Custom options, such as being a baby blue sheep if desired, or a charged Creeper.



Alpha chest allows all players to have a portable chest! this means no matter where you are, you can use /chest and this will bring up a display that looks like a normal chest. Put any item you want, and then exit. When you do /Chest again, the item(s) you put in will still be there.


Buying ingame ranks is now possible and definitely an option! For a certain amount of ingame money, you can buy yourself the next rank above you. For example, The Default rank is called Default. Once you have 15,000 You can use the command /rankup and you will now be a member! every new rank has a different kit with better items and special permissions, even some Donator commands.



Ever wanted a MobSpawner? Players can now Pick up and move a mobspawner if they have a silktouch Pickaxe. They can then place it again, and change the certain mobs that Spawn! Default players are limited to what they can change Spawners to.



Any player can now just Auction off any item(s) they do not want, at any desired price. The highest bidder for that item will win. It's like a mini Ebay put into minecraft!

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