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Welcome to Cougar Craft!


This is the default rank for all new players. It can do all of the basic commands needed for Minecraft, like use the various activities, set homes, and use warp signs.
Basic Commands:
/island ; SkyBlock
/ma join ; Join MobArena
/town new (name) ; Make a town for $25,000
/kit tools ; Get a basic kit of stone tools and food – can be used once every 24 hours
/spawn ; Go to spawn
/rules ; Be reminded of server rules
/motd ; Basic information about the server
/tpa ; Send a request for someone to teleport to you
/tpaccept ; Send a request for you to teleport to someone
While these are some of the basic commands, you can do /help in-game to find out about the rest of them!
This rank has all of the commands a default player has, plus a few extra, like:
/fly ; Unlimited fly
/tp ; Teleport to someone without a request
/tphere ; Teleport someone to you without a request - (use wisely, this command can be revoked upon misuse)
/tptoggle ; Keep people from sending teleport requests
While these are some of the commands, there are many more, do /help in-game to find the rest of them!
This is a rank only attainable through a purchase on the forum ($10)
These commands are all those of Trusted plus a few extra fun commands, and some functionality commands too!
This is a rank only attainable through a purchase on the forum ($10)
These commands are all those of Donator plus a few extra fun commands, and some functionality commands too!

There are several other ranks, one not so good, and the other four that are near impossible for a regular player to attain.
Only can use:
/motd ; Message of the Day
/rules ; Server rules
/spawn ; Goto the spawn for prisoners
This rank is for those who routinely break the rules. This rank is given to the players until they are deemed fit to return to normal player life.
The other four ranks are Mod, Admin, CoOwner, and Owner.
The only one of these that players even have a chance of getting is Mod. This rank requires a written application on the forum. In this application, your only goal is to dazzle me! This rank is officially part of the server staff. With great power comes great responsibility!

Server Rules
The server rules are pretty basic rules. The only out of the norm rules are:
Don’t ask for OP
Don’t advertise for ANYTHING
Don’t grief

Grieving works on a three tier ladder in the way of punishments:
Tier One; First notice, no prior problems with grieving
Tier Two; Second notice; prior attempts to grief, and acknowledgements of said grieving
Prisoner Rank (mentioned above)
Tier Three; Final notice; many prior grieving attempts, final straw
IP Ban; Only way to get unbanned is to appeal on the forum

Grieving punishments can be given out of order. The levels can be skipped based on the degree of damage done.

Server Plugins:

Essentials ; Basic commands
AuthMe; Authentication
PermissionsEX; Permissions
SimpleSpleef; Spleef Plugin
MobArena; Mob battling
ChestShop; Shops to sell items out of chests

This is barely scraping the surface of all the plugins, but these are some of the more interesting plugins on the server!

Server Shop
Buy in-game perks, such as the donator ranks
Buy in-game items such as:
Stacks of Diamonds
$30,000 in-game
Access to the Dynamic Map can also be purchased(can’t be on the server until we get a memory upgrade, the money for access pays for the upgrade)
Dynamic Map:
Server map, viewable from the forum where you can chat with players that are in-game

Server Shop:

Check our great server out!

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