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MCStrike - Minecraft Gun Server!

MCStrike is a dedicated gun server in Minecraft! It's focused on making gun mechanics ACTUALLY fun!


The server currently includes:

Gamemodes such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch & Search & Destroy. More are on the way, like Battlefield and a Mutation/Infected Gamemode.
5 Classes: Assault, Juggernaut, Scout, Infiltrator & Engineer. (More to come in future)
10 Weapons to unlock: Ak47, M16, M1014, M249 SAW, M40A3, M21 (Proper sniper scopes!!!), Uzi, P90, Unknown engineer weapons + A glock & a knife.
Tons of different equipment such as claymores, C4, Grenades, Wardogs, Barricades, etc.
Camouflages for your guns! So you can have colorful versions!
Leveling and prestiging too! (Over 60 custom prestige badges to show off!)
Custom resource pack with tons of custom made sounds!
Much MORE! Come join and show everyone who's best!


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