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Hölle is a new Minecraft server!

Hölle focuses on PVE. You are given the means to protect land and chests so you can safely build anything you can dream of.

Economy system is present, but tuned to encourage players to farm, rather than buy everything they desire. However, the economy will be very rewarding to dedicated players.

Provided for the players is a fully functional Over World and Nether base. Typical services such as Shop Stalls, Bank, community Nether portal, community farm are available. Services are expanding as well, if a service isnt available, it will be made available soon!

Full Iron weapons, tools and armor are provided to ensure you can start off easily.

I hate servers that do not provide the essentials commands. So I have provided them to you, no donations or ranks required. (Compass, Back, Balance, Help, Itemdb,Kit,Nick, etc)

Hölle does not require staff. Please do not ask.

Hölle is not a family friendly server. Swearing, is allowed and encouraged. Offensive symbols can be found within the server. (No Racism, however)

I invite you to come try out Hölle, relax and build, explore, play and enjoy.



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